EARN MONEY is the top porn link shortener for 2017 and beyond. Shortylinks allows users to shorten affiliate links from all adult sites. Users can shorten links, links, links, links, links and many more. Shortylinks offers an industry leading api and a full suite of traffic analytics.

Adult marketers have been disappointed by link shortening services. Marketers work long and hard to drive traffic to and establish authority on their pages and links. Then a few months later their link shortener service then bans their links, undermining all their hard work. has done this, has done this, and then did this. This has become a point of great concern for everyone in the online porn industry. The solution is Shortylinks will never ban any legal adult links or adult affiliate links. Never. So now you can build your business without any interruptions or loss of traffic to your sites.
Shorten Links

Control Your Links

Control Links
As a user of Shortylinks, you have the option to show ads to your users if you would like to earn extra income from your adult traffic. We pay the highest rates in the industry, hands down. So if you have a lot of low converting traffic this will be a great option for you. Ads are op-in only. Our users can choose to show ads and monetize their traffic, or they can not show ads if they like. The choice is yours. For those interested in offering ads with their links, they can receive payments through and

Gain Market Insight

Market Insight
Shortylinks users gain a greater understanding of their users with our expanded analytics functionality that gives you all the things a good marketeer needs to know, like the most active times of day, most engaged users and user locations. Now you can share porn links across all your marketing channels-including email, SMS, display, social media and more-and collect key insights into each channel's performance and audience.

Shortylinks Robust Api allows users to:

  • Generate short URLs
  • Get some statistics about your links
  • Output format: JSON, XML, or simple raw text
  • Authentify using a secure passwordless mechanism